Witness Scares off Apparent ATM Thieves

Witness Scares off Apparent ATM Thieves

A stolen vehicle is believed to be used in a damage to property incident in south Salina.

Captain Forrester says that officers were dispatched to Solomon State Bank, 605 E Magnolia at 3:25 am on Friday, March 31. A witness reported seeing a vehicle backed up to the ATM, and advised that two subjects were putting a strap around the ATM as if to pull it off the base. The witness apparently scared off the two subjects, and they left in a white Ford F350.

The vehicle was allegedly located a short time later, abandoned on Mayfair Dr. The ATM allegedly had pry marks on it, causing $500 damage. The vehicle was discovered to be stolen earlier in the day from a location in Salina. It belonged to a 41-year-old Salina man. The vehicle, valued at $10,000, had a smashed out window to gain access. Items stolen from the truck include:

  • Craftsman & Milwaukee brand power tools, $2,000
  • yellow & black bag filled with miscellaneous hand tools, $300
  • black bag containing tinning tools, $500

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