Man Arrested After Alleged Interference with Firefighters at Residential Fire

Man Arrested After Alleged Interference with Firefighters at Residential Fire
photo and videos from Salina Police Scanner by Salina311

At 8:30 pm on February 27, 2024, officers were called to 254 N. Penn following reports of a residential fire. Initially dispatched to assist the Salina Fire Department in securing the scene, officers found themselves facing an unexpected challenge as they arrived.

As firefighters battled the blaze, they encountered interference from a 33-year-old man later identified as James Coffman. Coffman, a white male, allegedly attempted to enter the burning residence against the firefighters' instructions. He reportedly removed his shirt and threatened physical violence towards the responders.

Officers located Coffman in the backyard in a camper. Officers attempted to have Coffman exit the camper and he reportedly told them to shoot him and get more officers. He continued not to comply with orders and was advised he was under arrest. As officers went to enter the camper, officers resorted to deploying a Taser to subdue him. Even during his apprehension, Coffman continued to resist, sustaining a small cut to his head in the process. While at the hospital, Coffman allegedly continued to threaten officers.

Following medical treatment for his injury, Coffman was taken into custody on requested charges of Unlawful Interference with Firefighters in the Performance of their Duty and Interference with Law Enforcement.

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