What is Salina311?

What is Salina311?

Salina 311 is a Hyper-local information network that facilitates a local incentive structure for businesses and individuals through print and digital formats.

Salina 311 consists of three parts:

  • Salina311.com: Free online current real-time news for Saline County and surrounding areas. The good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty and the weather. This is also where you will find our LIVE INCIDENT MAP: A map of emergency calls and general vicinity that provides real-time call information. This map is intended to assist first responders by reducing their audience during an emergency situation. Sign up for free HERE



  • Salina 311 Email News Briefing: Free daily email to your inbox of news recap of top stories from the past 24 hours and any upcoming pertinent news such as weather, closings, events, etc. Customers can click through from the email to Salina311.com for all of the news.
  • Salina 311 Print Edition Newspaper: A weekly full color print edition newspaper that's primary focus is our local community with intentional, positive and educational articles. We are excited to bring back photos of youth sports, celebrations, community events and using this as a platform to educate the community on the community! The Salina311 Community Dashboard page is very popular and had been recognized nationally. We have partnered with Rolling Hills Zoo for our kid's page, United Way to spread awareness and needs of our non-profit organizations, local colleges and schools, the Salina Regional Airport and many other local businesses.

Subscribe to our Weekly Full-Color Print Edition Newspaper  

Delivered to your door in Salina. Mailed if you reside outside of city limits.
Click To Sign Up (Monthly: $10)
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Why A Membership?

We are an extension of marketing, networking, creative and content design and advertising for our Business Members. With our network of contacts, resources, door to door deliver and online platforms, we can accelerate your local presence and make connections for referrals.

We believe that success doesn't come from what we do occasionally, it comes from what we do consistently.

Our Business Membership is more than just great ads. We are an extension of your marketing team and we have built an business network. We connect clients to generate local referral sources.

Business Members Perks are growing. We offer digital, print, social media and so much more!

Contact Jenn or Katie to learn more about becoming a Business Member.

Submit Press Releases (Fees may applies for Non-Business Members) press@salina311.com

Submit A Public Notice (Fees Apply) HERE

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