Salina311 Expanding Staff, Join The Team

Salina311 Expanding Staff, Join The Team

April and May were record months for Salina311, so we're excited to announce a long list of new opportunities to join the Salina311 team.

These positions provide an opportunity to gain experience covering local news, building a start-up business, learning new technologies, and building networks.

If you're interested in any of these positions, apply simply by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Positions Available:

Local News Journalists (6 positions open)

This isn't your run of the mill journalism job. We do not expect you to have any experience nor a degree in journalism. These are modern journalism positions. You'll be remote, work only the hours required to cover the topics you're interested in, and help us cover all of the interesting stories happening around the county.

Local topics we're looking to expand to:

  • Local Sports (can be a specific local school/sport or multiple)
  • Agriculture
  • Court Cases
  • Business
  • Political

Operations Director

The Operations Director will oversee all areas of the business. From sales to news coverage, this position touches every facet of the business.

Prior management/leadership experience is mandatory. Strong organizational skills required.

Delivery Associate (part-time)

Salina311 is looking for two delivery associates for the newspaper.

This position requires work only on Tuesday or Saturday afternoons and pays weekly.

This position is ideal for someone who is looking for a scheduled, part-time gig, that is largely-based in your car.  We even have a logistics app that will guide you to each drop-off (drive, listen to podcasts, and earn $$$).

Business Development Representative (full-time + commission)

Salina311 is looking for two business development representatives who will help us expand our marketing features.

You will help local businesses grow via new, innovative programs and technologies.

Position is remote, with an option for office space if requested. No experience is required and we will train you in sales.

Salary includes a base, plus commission.

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