Salina311 Updates & Upgrades

Starting this week we will begin updating you on upgrades and updates that are pending. We believe that an effective local news source should be "built in public" so that our members know what we are up to and are able to participate in improvements.

Here are the updates & upgrades for this week:

πŸ“– Content:

  • We are adding charts breaking down the number of tickets given out by the Police Department and the value of the tickets. This will enable citizens to see when tickets are peaking and what kinds of revenue is being brought in. (print & digital)
  • We will be adding charts on used car prices. (print & digital)
  • We are turning our breaking news coverage back on and adding resources for it.

πŸ—žοΈ Newspaper:

  • The past two weeks there have been many challenges with delivery. One of our original delivery associates was unavailable and we had to move to back up plans. Our back up plans didn't work out as expected resulting in delays and missed deliveries. We are now adding additional delivery associates and splitting up routes. We will also be adding a phone number you can text if your paper is not delivered by noon on Fridays - (785) 367-9111.
  • There will be 3 additional human interest stories coming to each paper.


  • We are reducing the amount of content about events. We've heard it's clogging up the news feed, so we will be moving that content to the Events Calendar.

✨ Business Members:

  • This week we are officially launching Salin311 Studios. This will be a service for our business members. We will be providing photography, videography, audio, and written content for our business members. We will also be providing digital marketing management services.

If you have any requests or upgrade suggestions, please comment below.

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