Vehicle Pursuit in West Salina Reaches 100 MPH

Vehicle Pursuit in West Salina Reaches 100 MPH

A vehicle pursuit in west Salina reaches speeds of 100 MPH.

On Monday, September 25 at 9:27 pm, an officer believed they recognized someone whom was thought to have felony warrants out of Saline County District Court. The person was driving a black 2012 Chevy Impala, leaving the parking lot at 100 N Broadway.

By the time the officer was able to get behind the vehicle, it went to State St then Interstate 135, southbound to Crawford, then exited the Interstate.

The officer attempted a traffic stop, but the vehicle fled eastbound on Crawford, then southbound on Sherman. The pursuit was terminated, as speeds reached 100 mph. The vehicle was later located, unoccupied, in the 300 block of E Kirwin.

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