Vehicle Missing from Central Salina Recovered

Vehicle Missing from Central Salina Recovered
Sevijon Davis, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

In the early hours of December 7 at 4:20 am, an officer on patrol observed a suspicious vehicle come to a halt and pull over. The officer circled the block and upon returning, discovered the vehicle unoccupied. A person was reportedly seen walking away from the vehicle, prompting the officer to approach. The individual, dressed in shorts, allegedly provided the officer with a false name and date of birth.

Upon further investigation, the given name led to a person with an existing warrant. Subsequently, the individual was apprehended, and their true identity was revealed as 18-year-old Sevijon Davis. The vehicle owner, unaware that their white 1999 Chevy Lumina had been stolen from the 500 block of State St sometime after 9 pm the previous evening, was notified.

Davis now faces requested charges of theft and interference with law enforcement.

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