Truck & Trailer Recovered after Missing from North Salina Business

Truck & Trailer Recovered after Missing from North Salina Business

Officers were sent to Salina Scale in the 400 block of N 9th on Friday, January 26, following a report that a white 2004 Ford 250 pickup truck and a black goose neck trailer were missing from the lot between the hours of 5 pm on January 25 and 6:54 am on January 26.

The stolen truck was valued at $20,500, along with the $12,000 trailer. Utilizing GPS technology installed in the truck, officers were able to trace its possible location to Morris County. The Salina Police Department contacted Morris County, leading to the identification of the possible vehicle. A pursuit ensued as officers attempted to apprehend the alleged stolen truck.

The chase resulted in the apprehension of 42-year-old Michael Garrett from Junction City and 41-year-old Jason Oder of Council Grove. The Salina Police Department is pursuing charges of felony theft against the individuals.

While the truck was reportedly located in Morris County, the trailer was discovered in the 600 block of Monarch Road in Saline County at 8:20 am on January 26th.

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