Teen Arrested After Allegedly Attempting to Kill Her Parents

Teen Arrested After Allegedly Attempting to Kill Her Parents

In the early hours of November 25, authorities responded to a call in the 2100 block of Village Ln. Upon arrival, officers made contact with a couple residing in the residence, who recounted an alleged incident involving their 13-year-old attempting to kill them. According to the parents, they were asleep in their bedroom, equipped with a surveillance camera.

During the night, their daughter purportedly entered the room armed with a pillow and a butcher knife, placing the pillow over the father's face as he slept. Upon awakening, the daughter hid in the closet. As he drifted back to sleep, the daughter reemerged, prompting another awakening by the father, who found her standing nearby.

After reviewing the surveillance footage, it was reportedly revealed that the daughter had indeed approached the father with the pillow and butcher knife in hand. During questioning, the teenager allegedly confessed to a plan of attempting to smother her parents in their sleep with the pillow before proceeding to stab them.

Officers arrested the teen on the requested charge of attempted first-degree murder.

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