Tamara Howe School of Dance & Ballet Salina host the Joffrey Workshop

The Tamara Howe School of Dance and Ballet Salina are very excited to announce that we will be hosting the world-class Joffrey Workshop on July 20-22. This 3 day event will offer classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, variations and more, here in Salina.

The Joffrey Workshop has been inspiring generations of dancers for over 45 years, thanks to the innovative vision of Robert Joffrey. Under the passionate direction and guidance of Mauro Villanueva and Kenny Borchard โ€“ highly sought-after instructors known for their inclusive teaching style โ€“ students gain a deep understanding not only of technique, tradition, and artistry but also of themselves as they explore this exciting world together.

Parents can trust that these workshops will help nurture an appreciation of dance while providing positive learning experiences. Gain the opportunity to watch your child develop and thrive with The Joffrey Workshop. ย The Joffrey Workshops is hosting a summer 10% off sale from June 28th - 30th. ย Students can register at: https://joffreyworkshop.com/student-workshops-thsd/

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