Supreme Court Rescinds Multiple COVID-19 Orders, Updates Temporary Rules

Supreme Court Rescinds Multiple COVID-19 Orders, Updates Temporary Rules
Photo by Megan Burns / Unsplash

Today, the Kansas Supreme Court released new orders that rescind multiple COVID-19 related orders, update the temporary rule for self-represented litigant filings in district courts, and continue temporary rules on court-initiated livestreams.

Orders rescinded

In 2023-PR-019, the Supreme Court rescinds COVID-19 related orders related to these topics:

  • district court continuity of operations plans, which are now addressed in Supreme Court Rule 104;
  • obsolete COVID-19 health and safety protocols; and
  • temporary locations for jury proceedings and related functions no longer used.

New orders continue or update temporary rules

2023-RL-018 continues temporary rules on media and public access to court-initiated livestreams. These temporary rules had been in 2022-PR-083, District and Appellate Courts Operations as of December 31, 2022. 2023-RL-018 does not impact 2021-PR-021, which remains in effect. In 2021-PR-021, the chief justice authorizes using two-way audio-visual communication in district and appellate court proceedings to secure the health and safety of court users, staff, and judicial officers, and to expeditiously resolve pending cases.

2023-RL-017 updates the Temporary Rule for Filing in a District Court by a Self-Represented Litigant and rescinds an earlier version of this temporary rule found in 2020-RL-115.

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