Stolen Vehicle Wrecked After Pursuit in Central Salina

Stolen Vehicle Wrecked After Pursuit in Central Salina

A stolen vehicle was wrecked in central Salina.

Captain Hanus says that on March 29 at 2:30 am, an officer in the 500 block of W Iron observed a vehicle with an inoperable headlight. A traffic stop was attempted, at which point the driver allegedly fled. The area of the pursuit was between Walnut, Prescott, College, and 9th streets.

During the pursuit, the vehicle allegedly left the roadway and struck a tree in the 500 block of S Phillips. It was at this point that a passenger allegedly fled. The driver continued on until the vehicle became disabled in the intersection of S Phillips and Morrison. The driver then allegedly fled the vehicle.

The vehicle belonged to a 64-year-old victim in the 200 block of W Prescott. She was away from her house, but reported the 2013 Dodge Avenger 4-door should have been behind the house in the alleyway.

Neither person has been located. Police are asking for any video within the neighborhoods.

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