Salina Man Arrested After Reporting a Stabbing

Salina Man Arrested After Reporting a Stabbing
Kristofer Allen, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

At 12:25 AM on Wednesday, January 17, in the 300 block of W South St, officers responded to a reported domestic incident where a male claimed to have been stabbed. Upon reaching the scene, officers located Kristofer Allen, a 26-year-old male, who displayed a superficial mark on his back. Allen allegedly became hostile towards officers. EMS was called, and due to his continued aggression, Allen was body wrapped. The situation escalated further as Allen reportedly bit an officer. He refused treatment but was subsequently transported to SRHC for possible alcohol-related issues. During his time at the hospital, he allegedly battered a nurse and a security officer. Allen was arrested on the requested charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, assault on a law enforcement officer, interference with a law enforcement officer, and two counts of battery. Notably, no crime was established in connection to the original stabbing call, and a 24-year-old female at the scene was questioned.

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