Salina Man Arrested After Alleged Kidnapping Incident Over the Weekend

Salina Man Arrested After Alleged Kidnapping Incident Over the Weekend
Michael Whitford, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking page

A Salina man is facing requested charges of kidnapping after a weekend incident.

Captain Forrester says that the alleged incident occurred on Friday, May 5, at 2:30 am. The victims are a 27-year-old female and a 25-year-old male, both from Hutchinson. The suspect was identified at 29-year-old Michael Whitford of Salina.

Officers were dispatched to the 1600 block of Beverly for a reported disturbance. It was reported that a female victim had been strangled in a vehicle, and that a suspect had pulled a knife on a male.

It was reported that Whitford was in the vehicle with the two victims, who were giving him a ride. The male was driving, with the female in the passenger seat and Whitford sitting in the backseat behind the female. There was allegedly a verbal altercation.

In the area of Centennial and Crawford, Whitford allegedly punched the female in the face and wrapped his arm around her, strangling her from behind. The male driver grabbed Whitford's arm, where the female was able to break free from Whitford's grasp. The female then jumped out of the vehicle in the 1600 block of Beverly.

The male reported that after the female exited the vehicle, Whitford allegedly pulled a knife on him and told him to drive away. Whitford allegedly then got out of the vehicle in the 800 block of Vassar.

At 1 pm that same day, officers were sent to the area of 400 S 12, where Whitford was allegedly seen in the area. Whitford was allegedly located walking in the area of S 11th and South St, and taken into custody without incident. He was arrested on the following requested charges:

  • Aggravated Kidnapping
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Criminal Threat
  • Battery
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