NEW: "Salina Illustrated" - Christmas Edition Map

NEW: "Salina Illustrated" - Christmas Edition Map

Announcing the Salina Illustrated - Christmas Edition 2021

If you are one of our newspaper subscribers, you will receive your newspaper today (if you're within the city limits; otherwise, it will arrive by Saturday), and you will likely notice something new and fun.

Salina Illustrated is the new illustrated map of Salina. The base of the design identifies the landscape and notable icons across Salina.

Each season we will release a new edition that showcases the season and current events and locations.

As we release the new Salina Illustrated map, we're also releasing it along with the Christmas Lights Tour Map.

Salinan, Emmanuel Hernandez is the creator of these fantastic designs.
Chatting about the project, Hernandez said, "With Salina being my hometown, I was able to pull from my own life experiences the landmarks, businesses, neighborhoods, and spaces that make Salina so unique. This map highlights the characteristics of our community in an illustrative and appreciative manner. Scoping together traditions and recognizable features, "Putting Salina on the Map" was a considerable project to reflect on what makes Salina Kansas home."

Our print subscribers will receive a print version of the Christmas Edition as an insert in this week's paper.

We are now taking pre-orders for versions of the map as a poster with two sizes:

The first posters will go out the week of December 5th and we're excited to announce that ALL of our premium subscribers will receive one 18x24 poster for FREE.

All premium members will also receive their own NFT of (To receive your NFT, message us at

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