Runaway Teen Arrested After Alleged Altercation with Deputies

Runaway Teen Arrested After Alleged Altercation with Deputies

On February 9th at 7 pm, deputies responded to a call regarding a missing 16-year-old male juvenile in the 5000 block of W Cloud. Deputies located the runaway in the 4100 block of W Cloud, allegedly holding an empty glass bottle.

Attempts to peacefully resolve the situation took a turn when the teen reportedly became confrontational. Despite deputies' instructions to relinquish the bottle, the situation escalated, leading to the deployment of a taser, which twice proved ineffective. The teen reportedly resorted to physical aggression against the deputies.

During the altercation, a deputy sustained minor injuries, including damage to their sunglasses allegedly caused by the teen's actions. Eventually, the teen was taken into custody.

The 16-year-old now faces requested charges of aggravated battery, interference/obstruction, and property damage. The deputy involved in the incident is reported to be recovering from minor injuries sustained during the confrontation.

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