Possible Burglary Case Unfolds at Storage Unit: Suspect Apprehended, Property Damaged

Possible Burglary Case Unfolds at Storage Unit: Suspect Apprehended, Property Damaged
Candice Rhea, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

At 4 am on May 29th, a burglary incident allegedly took place at Access Storage, located at 1433 N 9th St. A witness reported observing someone inside the fenced property. During their perimeter check, the officers allegedly spotted two individuals at the northwest corner of the facility. The two suspects allegedly fled on foot southbound from the property. However, one of them, identified as Candice Rhea, a 40-year-old resident of Salina, was successfully apprehended.

Subsequent examination of the scene revealed that the northwest corner fence had allegedly been cut, and further inspection disclosed that Unit #73 allegedly had its lock punched, while the metal wall between Unit #73 and #76 had been forcibly cut open. Additionally, Unit #68 was found to have been allegedly entered, and items from this unit had been relocated to Unit #76.

Later in the day, a search warrant was executed at Ms. Rhea's residence in the 1200 block of N 10th. The search allegedly yielded drug paraphernalia. The estimated cost of damages incurred includes $500 for the door of Unit #73, $80 for the cut-open wall between Unit #73 and #76, and $500 for the damaged chainlink fence.

As a result of these findings, Ms. Rhea was arrested on the requested charges of burglary, property damage, trespassing, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and obstruction.

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