Police Apprehend Suspect at Airliner Motel on Warrant

Police Apprehend Suspect at Airliner Motel on Warrant
Michael Benoit, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

On the evening of Friday, October 27th, at 5:34 pm, a officer in the area of the Airliner Motel, located in the 700 block of North Broadway, observed an individual suspected of having an outstanding warrant for their arrest. The person in question was identified as 23-year-old Michael Benoit, who went in one of the motel's rooms.

After the officer knocked on the room's door, a female occupant answered and exited the room. Benoit appeared to stick his head out a window, acting like he was going to get out, but he didn't. Officers apprehended him, getting him out of the room. Benoit allegedly resisted and attempted to retreat back into the room, with an officer effectively deploying a taser. Michael Benoit was arrested on the outstanding warrant, in addition to the requested charge of interference with law enforcement.

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