Man Arrested After Witness Reports Possible Animal Cruelty

Man Arrested After Witness Reports Possible Animal Cruelty
Brandon Lunde, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

In the early hours of Monday, November 27, at 7:31 am, officers responded to a distressing incident at Dillons at 2350 Planet Ave. A witness reported a man walking in the vicinity with a pit bull held over his head, engaging in alarming behavior. The onlooker was horrified to see the man, identified as 29-year-old Bandon Lunde, allegedly swinging the dog by its injured leg.

According to the witness, Lunde claimed the dog had a broken leg, and he callously swung the animal around and even threw it onto his shoulder "like a backpack." The troubling situation escalated when Lunde proceeded to throw a loaf of bread and shattered a glass jar of food on the store floor.

Despite officers being dispatched to the scene, Lunde could not be located at that time. However, at 8:47 am, an officer spotted Lunde and the limping dog near Long MacArthur at 3450 S. 9th. Upon approach, Lunde allegedly became agitated, assumed a fighting stance, and advanced towards an animal shelter employee.

When officers attempted to arrest Lunde, he reportedly resisted and adamantly refused to be handcuffed. Consequently, Lunde now faces requested charges of Cruelty to Animals, Criminal Damage to Property, Assault, and Interference with Law Enforcement.

The injured dog was taken into custody by the animal shelter, revealing a broken leg.

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