Man Arrested After Reported Criminal Threat

Man Arrested After Reported Criminal Threat
Eric Ehster, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

On Sunday, October 1, at 9:13 am, officers were sent to the Travelers Lodge at 245 S. Broadway, where a 42-year-old female reported that a male was going to kill her. Officers made contact with 35-year-old Eric Ehster at the room. Ehster was given commands to exit the room, to which he allegedly did not listen. He also appeared to be reaching into his pocket. Officers moved in, and Ehster reportedly took a swing at an officer. An officer deployed their taser effectively, and Ehster was arrested on the following requested charges:

  • Criminal Threat
  • Assault on Law Enforcement Officer
  • Interference with Law Enforcement
  • Battery on Law Enforcement Officer
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