House-Sitter Arrested after $11K Gold & Silver Missing from Safe

House-Sitter Arrested after $11K Gold & Silver Missing from Safe
Blaine Godinez, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

Police responded to a potential theft report at 5 pm on Sunday, February 18, in the 1900 block of Valley View Dr. Blaine Godinez, 33, who was house-sitting for a 75-year-old resident, reported the incident. Upon the resident's return, she discovered a broken key in her safe's lock. Seeking assistance from Godinez to access the safe, forced entry was made, revealing the loss of various silver eagle coins, silver 10 oz bars, and two gold bars, each approximately the length of an index finger, totaling an estimated $11,000.

Godinez provided a potential suspect, leading officers to investigate further. Their inquiry revealed that the potential suspect had engaged in pawn shop transactions, both locally and in Junction City. Subsequent interrogation of the suspect unveiled that Godinez had supplied the stolen items. Further investigation revealed that Godinez had conducted multiple transactions with local pawn shops, selling several antique coins identified as those missing from the safe. The subject, however, was found to be uninvolved in the theft.

As a result, Godinez was arrested on various charges, including five counts of making false writings, seven counts of misdemeanor theft by deception, two counts of felony theft by deception, felony theft, four counts of criminal use of a credit card, and unlawful computer acts.

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