High Speed Chase Reaches 123 MPH

High Speed Chase Reaches 123 MPH

On September 3 at 1:52 am, a Deputy on Ohio St observed a vehicle traveling northbound, allegedly accelerating away from him. A speed check revealed the vehicle, a black 2013 Dodge Challenger, was driving 56 mph in a 40 mph zone.

The vehicle turned onto Gypsum, with speeds up to 67 mph, then rapidly breaked, and he turned his lights off. The vehicle then traveled east on Gypsum, north on Iowa, west on Iron, and allegedly ran the red light at Iron and Ohio. By the time the vehicle got to Iron and Front, the Deputy had clocked the vehicle at 123 mph. The Deputy lost sight of the vehicle when it turned south on either Santa Fe or 5th.

A couple minutes later, an SPD officer reportedly observed the same vehicle, traveling southbound on Santa Fe at a high rate of speed.

At 1:58 am, an SPD officer reportedly saw the vehicle at Crawford and Front. It was here that the driver pulled over.

The driver was identified at 18-year-old Trevon Cole, of Salina. His requested charges include:

  • Flee & Elude
  • Possession of Alcohol by a Minor
  • Fail to Obey a Stop Sign
  • Disobeying Traffic Control Device
  • Speeding
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