First Friday Returns

First Friday Returns
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First Friday in Downtown Salina has returned, and the weather was beautiful for this year's introduction.

Artists Michael and Joy Jilg held an artist reception at Peaceful Body Wellness Retreat, 148 S Santa Fe. Michael talked about his acrylic paintings on display, while Joyce showed her jewelry made from discarded objects.

The Salina Art Center, 242 S Santa Fe, centered Jared Packard's My Bedroom is Not Your Bedroom. Packard's exhibit is one where viewers can sit, listen, and touch, completely enveloping the senses.

Finally, the Llew Brown Band performed at City Lights Stage for the public's entertainment.

First Friday is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, and entertainment of Downtown Salina. Situated on the first Friday of each month, stores stay open later to bring you local artists and their work, serving snacks and bringing you live music that fills the entire Downtown area.

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