City Commission Votes to Transfer Sidewalk Dining License Renewal Authority

City Commission Votes to Transfer Sidewalk Dining License Renewal Authority

The City Commission has passed Ordinance No. 24-11201 with a vote, amending Chapter 35, Article XII, Section 35-267 to transfer the renewal authority for Sidewalk Dining License Agreements approved in the downtown area from the Salina Business Improvement District No. 1 Design Review Board to the Zoning Administrator.

Originally, in 2014, the City Commission approved Ordinance No. 14-10739 and Resolution No. 14-7111, allowing the extension of restaurant dining areas into public sidewalk areas in downtown Salina. However, as the renewal process for these licenses unfolded, staff identified the need to modify and clarify certain aspects of the ordinance.

In response to concerns raised by the Design Review Board regarding the renewal process, staff proposed amendments to streamline the process by transferring renewal authority to city staff. The proposed changes also include pushing the renewal deadline back to March 1 to provide businesses with more time to submit renewal requests.

The amendments aim to simplify and streamline the renewal process for downtown food service establishments, aligning with the preferences expressed by the Design Review Board.

Business owners whose licenses are not renewed by the Zoning Administrator have the option to appeal the decision to the City Commission within 14 days. The City Commission would then conduct a hearing on the appeal.

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