Central Salina Police Chase Leads to Arrests of Two Individuals

In an incident that unfolded on Tuesday, August 29, around 7:27 pm, two individuals were apprehended by law enforcement following a pursuit in central Salina. The episode began when an officer noticed a blue Hyundai with purported issues related to its vehicle tag. The officer attempted to initiate a stop in the parking lot of Harbor Freight.

The driver of the vehicle, subsequently identified as 23-year-old Daniel Burd, was taken into custody on a range of charges that included driving without a valid license, felony flee and eluding, felony interference, reckless driving, and numerous traffic infractions.

Burd's passenger, identified as 24-year-old Dane Welch, was discovered to have outstanding warrants from two District Courts and one Municipal Court. Allegedly aware of this, Burd reportedly attempted to evade the authorities. Welch himself was arrested on charges of felony interference in addition to his existing warrants.

The vehicle was eventually halted within the 1500 block of Quincy, prompting both individuals to flee on foot. Their escape took them to the 1500 block of Osborne Street. Burd was allegedly found concealed behind a shed, while Welch sought refuge in a residence. Following the securement of the premises and as a search warrant was being ran, Welch was brought out by the home's occupant.

Charges were also requested for Burd in connection to a vehicle pursuit that occurred on August 15. Notably, a 21-year-old female present in the vehicle during the August 29 pursuit was not charged. The most recent chase route encompassed a trajectory eastward on Cloud Street, a northbound turn onto Russell Street, a subsequent westward route along Norton Street, followed by a northward stretch to Claflin Street, and finally, a western course to Quincy Street. Maximum speeds during the pursuit reached 76 mph within the 300 block of East Cloud Street.

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