UPDATE: Arrest Made in Connection with Saline County Liquor Store Burglary

UPDATE: Arrest Made in Connection with Saline County Liquor Store Burglary
Erick Larson, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

UPDATE: Following a valuable tip from Crimestoppers and successful interactions with individuals, Sheriff Soldan announced that investigators obtained enough information to secure a search warrant for a residence in the 500 block of N 12th St. The warrant was executed on Thursday, November 30, at the home of 44-year-old Erick Larson. The search was prompted by intelligence suggesting the presence of stolen property at that location.

During the search, deputies allegedly discovered two limited edition Crown Royal bags featuring the Kansas City Chiefs logo, as well as methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Additionally, they reportedly found a shotgun with a cut-off barrel shorter than the legal limit of 16 inches and a handgun with its serial number ground off. Larson was subsequently arrested on requested charges including possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, defacing identification marks on a firearm, and criminal use of a firearm.

Further information gathered during the operation implicated 34-year-old Dustin Linaweaver as a potential suspect in the business burglary at Jenni's Liquor on Friday, November 24, as allegedly captured by surveillance video. Linaweaver has been arrested on requested charges of burglary, theft, and trespassing.

Dustin Linaweaver, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

ORIGINAL: In the early hours of Friday, November 24, at 6:24 am, an alarm at Jenni's Liquor, located at 11989 W Old 40, was sounded. Surveillance footage captured a white Toyota Tacoma quad cab, possibly with black rims, heading southbound on Brookville Rd. The vehicle passed the establishment, crossed the nearby railroad tracks, and parked.

Two suspects emerged from the parked truck. The first, a slender individual with darker skin, was dressed in a gray hoodie and a black mask. The second suspect, a larger, heavyset figure, wore a blue hoodie and a full-faced mask. Utilizing a key, the thin suspect deftly opened the front door of the business.

Both suspects entered the store for a brief 30 seconds before exiting, absconding with various items. The stolen loot included 5 Crown Royal Chiefs edition bottles, each valued at $30, 2 Crown Royal Black bottles valued at $38 each, and a Crown Royal Apple bottle valued at $30. The cumulative loss to the store is estimated at $327.

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