Altercation over Sunglasses Leads to Multiple Requested Charges

Altercation over Sunglasses Leads to Multiple Requested Charges
Max Larussa, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

In an incident reported on August 9th at 4:24 pm, officers were dispatched to the 700 block of Johnston following a physical altercation. The alleged perpetrator, identified as 28-year-old Max Larussa from Salina, now faces a series of requested charges.

The alleged incident unfolded when an argument erupted between Larussa and his 19-year-old roommate inside a van parked outside their residence. The disagreement reportedly centered around a pair of sunglasses. The situation escalated, resulting in Larussa allegedly hitting his roommate. During the fight, his roommates' shirt was torn.

During the altercation, a third individual attempted to intervene and defuse the situation. However, Larussa allegedly turned his aggression towards this acquaintance, inflicting harm as well. The confrontation spilled out of the van, involving a subsequent physical altercation where another person was hit on the side of their face by Larussa.

Law enforcement officers arrived on the scene and took Larussa into custody. Despite resistance, he was eventually placed under arrest. While in handcuffs, Larussa allgedly started kicking officers, including one in the leg. During the fight, his roommates' shirt was torn.

The requested charges against include Larussa include domestic battery, criminal damage to property, two counts of battery, battery of a law enforcement officer, and interference with a law enforcement officer.

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