$5,000 Ring Missing from Purse in Central Salina

$5,000 Ring Missing from Purse in Central Salina

A Burr Oak, Kansas woman is missing her wedding ring while staying in Salina.

Captain Forrester says that the vehicle burglary occurred sometime between April 10 and 12. The 60-year-old female from Burr Oak, Kansas reported that she was in Salina during those dates, staying at the Morrison House, in the 500 block of S 8th. Sometime during those dates, the victim had put her wedding ring and other items in her purse, located in a 2019 Dodge Ram Pickup. It's unknown where the burglary occurred, as several places were visited while in town.

Missing are a wedding ring with diamonds and silver/rose gold worth $5,000, as well as a silver antique filigree ring with a diamond in the middle worth $400. There were no signs of forced entry into the vehicle.

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