Wild at Heart with Rolling Hills Zoo

Wild at Heart with Rolling Hills Zoo

Surprise your sweetheart(s) with a one-of-a-kind Wild At Heart Valentine's Day package, available exclusively at Rolling Hills Zoo. Make this Valentine's celebration unforgettable by choosing from not one, but TWO incredible packages! Order in advance to have your package delivered or shipped directly to your loved one.

  1. Wild at Heart Animal Adoption Package - $35
    • Stuffed Plush of Adopted Animal
    • Russell Stover Valentine Chocolate Bar
    • Framed Certificate of Adoption
    • Glossy Photo of Animal
    • Animal Fact Sheet
  2. "This Poo Made Me Think of You" Package - $15
    • 4" x 4" PooPooPaper™ Notepad* - made of recycled, odorless paper products made from animal poo!
    • Russell Stover Valentine Chocolate Bar
      (*PooPooPaper™ Notepad designs will vary from package to package - selected at random.)

Delivery, Shipping, or Pick-Up Options:

  • In-Town Salina Wild at Heart Packages are delivered for FREE on Valentine's Day.
  • Shipping available for out-of-town sweethearts (S&H - $14 in-state shipping, $18 out-of-state shipping).
  • Pick up your WAH Package at the Zoo for FREE, anytime, now through Valentine's Day.

Ordering Deadlines:

  • Deadline for in-town delivery: Feb. 10.
  • Deadline for shipping out-of-town orders: Feb. 3.
  • Pick up your order for free at Rolling Hills Zoo anytime between now and Valentine's Day.

For inquiries about the packages, assistance with shipping costs, or help with the online form, contact Kris Bell at 785-827-9488 ext. 114 or kris@rollinghillszoo.org.

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