Vote For Jerry Ivey II For Salina City Commission

Vote For Jerry Ivey II For Salina City Commission

1. What motivated you to run for this office, and what key issues or concerns do you hope to address during your term?

I am running to continue to make Salina a great place to live and raise a family. Issues I wish to address are affordable housing and quality of life for families in Salina. 

2.  How do you plan to foster community engagement and ensure that residents' voices are heard in local decision-making processes?

I will be available in any way possible to engage with the citizens of Salina. Whether that be by phone, email, social media. I am very responsive in any of these categories.

Citizens forums at the commission meetings are a good way to reach out to the commission as well. I would be willing to make myself available for any town hall-type get-together as well.

3.  What strategies do you have in mind to promote economic growth and job opportunities within the city?

This starts with affordable housing and available childcare. With more availability of both these items, more jobs could be attracted and more people will follow. In the Planning Commission, we changed it so that in-home daycare could have more children per home. Hopefully, this will will make more spots available, and also attract more people to take up childcare as an occupation. 

4. What are your plans for improving essential services such as public safety and infrastructure within the city?

I am a strong supporter of our public safety. The Salina Police Dept. and the Salina Fire Dept. both need to be fully funded to safely be able to do their job. Infrastructure should be a priority as well. Safe roads should be an ongoing process in a city of this size.

5. How do you plan to address the relationship between crime and the homeless population in our city, and what strategies will you implement to ensure the safety of both residents and individuals experiencing homelessness?

One of the things to address with homelessness is the reason people are homeless. Is it drugs, which can lead to crime? Is it mental health problems? One of the things Salina Police will soon be implementing is the co-responders. This will pair mental health evaluators with Police officers to determine if the individual is on drugs or has a mental health problem, and hopefully get them the help they need in the appropriate place. I fully support this program and intend to keep it going as needed. For those who want help, I would guide them to some of our great non-profit agencies to get them the help they need.

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