Video Artist is Next Exhibitor at KWU’s The Gallery

Video Artist is Next Exhibitor at KWU’s The Gallery

A self-titled show by artist Casilda Saìnchez will be the next exhibit at The Gallery in Sams Fine Arts Building on the Kansas Wesleyan campus. The show will open Monday, Nov. 6, and run through Dec. 8.

Saìnchez uses video, installation and photography to explore ideas of vision, voyeurism and intimacy.

“The show will contain two single-channel videos,” said Jeroen Nelemans, gallery manager and assistant professor of Graphic Design at KWU. “One will be projected large, and the other will be on a monitor. It is a very minimal show, but visually powerful.”

“Through sustained and detailed close-ups, what would have normally been overlooked becomes visible, unlocking a fleeting moment into a vast space of micronarratives,” Saìnchez said. 

She received an MFA in Video, Film and New Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a PhD in Contemporary Art from Complutense in Madrid.

The show is being curated by Jefferson Godard, a contemporary curator, gallery director, educator and architect. He currently serves as gallery manager and faculty member at Wichita State University. From 2021 to 2022, Godard was the curator at the Salina Art Center.

Admission to The Gallery is always free. The Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and weekends by appointment.

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