USD 305 Teachers of the Month

USD 305 Teachers of the Month

Charlie Todd

Charlie is a math teacher at South High School and has been teaching for 12 years. He became a teacher because he wanted to have a meaningful impact on his community and because he enjoys math. His personal experience at SHS as a student was also a major inspiration. He enjoys seeing his students work through difficult problems and seeing them work through new ways of thinking. Charlie says that the role of an educator is a significant one in many lives and that he does not take it for granted. He thanks everyone in the Salina community for the opportunity to make a difference.

Darrel Dees

Darrel is a music teacher at South Middle School and has been teaching for 35 years. This is his second year as a full time teacher at SMS where he teachers choir and general music classes. Darrel became a teacher with the hope that he could help students learn and grow into young adults. He enjoys watching them become more confident in themselves. Darrel says that compassion is important and to always try and help the people around us. 

Kevin Patrick

Kevin is a science teacher at Central High school and has been teaching for 28 years. When Kevin was in high school, he had a teacher who encouraged him to consider a teaching career. Kevin has always enjoyed helping people understand complex ideas. His favorite part of teaching is building a relationship with every student and watching them come up with creative solutions to problems. He believes that he makes an important impact on students every day when he leads by example and strives to create a positive and inspiring environment where each student can excel.

Rebecca Stone

Rebecca is a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Lakewood Middle School and has been teaching for 3 years. She became a teacher to have a positive impact on future generations and teach life skills to the students in our community. Rebecca loves that she got to come back to the same district she grew up with and teach in the same classroom that inspired her as a young student. Rebecca says that learning doesn’t end when the school bell rings, parents need to be an active part of their children’s education too. 

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