USD 305 Teachers of the Month

USD 305 Teachers of the Month
Jessica Harris

Jessica is an art teacher at South High School and has been teaching for 23 years. She says that when she was a student at South High, she had an amazing art teacher and was inspired when given the opportunity to teach younger art students. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing all of the different ways her talented students visually solve problems. She loves that she can give them the same instructions, yet they develop such unique and inventive ways to approach their projects. Her advice to parents and the community is to stay involved with our young people.

Jennifer Boyles

Jennifer is a math teacher at South Middle School and has been teaching for 19 years in the district. This is her first year at South Middle School. Jennifer has always known that she wanted to work with kids. Many of her teachers growing up made the job look enjoyable. She loves making connections with students and being able to catch up with them later in life. Her message is to find the good in all of the students and push them to do their best every day. 

Mason Frost

Mason is an algebra teacher at Central High school and has been teaching for 2 years. Mason’s knack for math led him to become a teacher and was inspired by his mother, a teacher too. His favorite part of teaching is seeing a student’s hard work pay off and the moments when they understand something new. His message to the community is to always be ready to learn from those around you.

Callie Windholz

Callie is an English teacher at Lakewood Middle School and has been teaching for 7 years. Callie chose to become a teacher because she enjoys building relationships with students and helping them reach their full potential. She always enjoys seeing her students find success both academically and in their extracurriculars. Callie’s message is that the support and encouragement schools receive from the community is appreciated. 

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