USD 305 Teachers of the Month

USD 305 Teachers of the Month

Nikki Chamberlain

Nikki is a Special Education Gifted facilitator at South High School and has been teaching for 21 years. She splits her time between South High and South Middle schools. Nikki became a teacher to make a difference. She enjoys working with students and their families to help them plan for their futures. Nikki says that she wishes parents and community members could witness the amazing things that happen in our schools. School staff care deeply about your children and want, more than anything, for them to succeed!

Kennedy Elliot

Kennedy is a special education teacher at South Middle School and has been teaching for three years. This is her second year at SMS. Inspired by her own teachers, Kennedy made the decision to become a teacher herself. She enjoys watching students grow and improve. She also loves the team of teachers and paras she works with each day. Kennedy says that she has loved getting to become a part of the Salina community as she is from Oklahoma.

Guillermo Rodriguez

Guillermo is the band director at Central High school and has been teaching for 7 years. Guillermo also teaches 5th grade and middle school band. His high school band director provided him the opportunity to tutor younger band students and after his first lesson, Guillermo knew that teaching music is what he wanted to do. He loves to see the pride in his students when they accomplish a task. Guillermo says to celebrate student achievements and encourage involvement in the many great programs offered in our schools.

Michelle Smith

Michelle is a math teacher at Lakewood Middle School and has been teaching for 13 years. When Michelle was in high school, her math teacher Dan Cerny helped her find a love for math which eventually led her to teach. Michelle’s favorite part of teaching is building relationships with her students and watching them grow, both in their math skills and in their character. Michelle’s advice for parents is to be involved as our children are the future and it's our job to help them grow. 

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