USD 305 Students of the Week

USD 305 Students of the Week
Lola McBride

Lola is a senior at South High School. She is a varsity cheerleader and a member of HOSA, FCA, and NHS. Her favorite class is AP Chemistry because she loves chemistry. Outside of school, she is a Relay for Life event lead and captain, and is active with her church. She spends a lot of time at the gym and has two younger brothers. After graduation, she plans to attend K-State to study Biochemistry with a focus on Pre-Med.

Harlee Falk

Harlee is a 7th grader at South Middle School. Harlee is a member of the school’s Belonging committee. She enjoys her art and guitar classes. She also likes her math class with Mrs. Arnold, who is always there to help. Outside of school, she helps out with her church’s nursery and enjoys drawing for friends and family. After high school, Harlee would like to become a traveling doctor/vet with her friends.

Thomas Payne

Thomas is a sophomore at Central High School. He is a member of the basketball, golf and cross country teams. His favorite classes are conditioning and history. His favorite teachers are Mrs. Kira, Mrs. Hoff and Ms. Stanton. Outside of school, Thomas is active with his church. After high school, Thomas would like to attend K-State.

Isabelle Wilson

Isabelle is a 7th grader at Lakewood Middle School. She is a member of the student council and basketball team. Isabelle loves seeing her friends at school. Her favorite class is reading and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Toms.  Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering, traveling, painting, and  hanging out with her two Frenchies. After high school, Isabelle plans to attend college and get a degree. 

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