USD 305 Students of the Week #23

USD 305 Students of the Week #23
Tristan Bernhardt

Tristan is a senior at South High School. Tristan is on the football and baseball team and is a member of National Honor Society.  In his free time he enjoys playing sports with his friends, spending time with his family, and volunteering with Relay for Life. After graduation, Tristan plans to attend Kansas State University and study Architecture.

Jennifer Morrell

Jennifer is an 8th grader at South Middle School. Jennifer is a member of the school orchestra and enjoys her music classes. She is also involved with the Salina Symphony Youth Choir and Orchestra programs. A fun fact about Jennifer is that she makes jewelry in her spare time. After high school, Jennifer would like to attend college and pursue a degree in music education.

Jasmine Kassem

Jasmine is a junior at Central High School. Jasmine is a member of the school band and enjoys playing the piano in the school jazz band. Jasmine is also involved in student council as the secretary and spends her free time volunteering at multiple local organizations. After high school Jasmine would like to attend Tulane University and pursue a degree in either dentistry or dermatology. 

Lucas Cosens

Lucas is a 6th grader at Lakewood Middle School. Lucas is interested in robotics and enjoys participating in the First Lego League Challenge and the StarBase Robotics program. Lucas is also in the gardening club. His favorite classes are gym, math and band. In his free time, he enjoys attending church and collecting interesting rocks. After high school, Lucas would like to become a geologist or engineer and continue to play the alto saxophone.

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