USD 305 Students of the Week

USD 305 Students of the Week

Calyn Conner

Calyn is a senior at South High School. She is the wrestling team manager, a member of HOSA and a member of NHS. She enjoys her medical classes at school and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Gates. Outside of school, Calyn works as a CNA and helps provide childcare at her church. After graduation, Calyn plans to attend Washburn University to become a Physical Therapy Assistant.

Karsyn Bird

Karsyn is a 7th grader at South Middle School. Karsyn is a cheerleader, a member of the choir and dances with Revolution School of Dance. Karsyn loves her choir class with Mr. Dees and english class with Mrs. Munk. She enjoys spending time with her family when sheโ€™s not dancing. After high school, Karsyn plans to attend college and become a professional dancer.

Anna Kraft

Anna is a sophomore at Central High School. She is a member of the choir program and serves as the advocacy chair for the thespian troupe. Anna is also active with Theater Salina. She is grateful for the opportunities and the support Mr. Holmquist and Mrs. Hilt provide. After high school, Anna would like to attend college but is unsure of what she will major in. She does know that she will continue to pursue her interests in choir and theater. 

Jaana Loisranoi

Jaana is a 6th grader at Lakewood Middle School. Jaana is a member of the schoolโ€™s band program and plays the baritone saxophone. She enjoys the staff at Lakewood who notice hard work and appreciate self expression. Jaana is also a member of the xCel honor choir and volunteers with the food bank. After high school, Jaana would like to attend college and earn a degree in education and cosmetology.

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