USD 305 Students of the Week

USD 305 Students of the Week
Jennifer Divas

Jennifer is a seventh grader at Lakewood Middle School. Jennifer is a part of the orchestra and was selected to go to League Honor Orchestra. She also plays the violin in the Salina Youth Symphony and is currently learning Piano. Jennifer’s favorite classes are FACS and science, she finds these topics interesting and loves her teachers. Her plan following high school is to attend college at Kansas Wesleyan University or an art school such as Rhode Island School of design or Savannah College of Art and Design and become an art teacher.

Conner Fuller

Conner is a freshman at Central High School. Conner is a member of the football and wrestling teams. His favorite class is cabinet making class because he enjoys building items and expanding his skill set while completing projects. Conner enjoys spending his free time dirt track racing, and will be competing at the Salina Speedway this summer. After high school his goal is to become an engine builder.

Sara Canchola-Carrillo

Sara is a sixth grader at South Middle School. Sara strives to succeed, as well as help her peers do the same. Her favorite class is orchestra as Sara loves playing the violin, and learning new things alongside her friends. Sara’s favorite teachers are Miss Deines, Mrs. Boyles and Mrs. Cooper. Outside of school she enjoys attending church, playing basketball, listening to K-pop, sketching and being with her puppy, Snow. After high school Sara plans to attend college and become a doctor.

Megan Graff

Megan is a senior at South High School. Megan is the Student Body President, Drama Club Officer, Scholar’s Bowl Member and National Honor Society Member. Her favorite part about school is being involved in multiple extracurricular activities such as, STUCO, Drama Club and Scholar’s Bowl. She also enjoys Mr. Ballenger’s Math Class. Outside of school, Megan volunteers at the Salina Public Library and spends time with her brother, and dog Zoe. After graduation, Megan plans to attend Kansas State University to pursue a degree in either Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science.

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