Public Hearing Scheduled to Address Safety of Structure on Penn Avenue

Public Hearing Scheduled to Address Safety of Structure on Penn Avenue

The City of Salina is moving forward with a resolution for a public hearing concerning a potentially hazardous structure located at 254 North Penn Avenue. This decision, supported by the City Commission, is the initial step in evaluating whether the building should be condemned and either repaired or demolished.

The determination to initiate this process follows a thorough inspection conducted by the Building Official and inspectors. The assessment identified significant concerns, categorizing the property as meeting the criteria for designation as a dangerous structure.

"Public safety is paramount in addressing structures deemed dangerous," stated Sean Furbeck, Dangerous Structure Specialist. "The resolution sets a public hearing date to provide all stakeholders, including property owners, lienholders, and occupants, an opportunity to present their views and evidence."

The fiscal impact of this resolution hinges on the outcomes of the public hearing. Should repair or demolition become necessary, costs may be billed to the property owner, potentially leading to property tax assessments if obligations remain unmet.

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