Public Hearing Set to Determine Fate of Fire-Damaged Property

Public Hearing Set to Determine Fate of Fire-Damaged Property

Salina City Commission is poised to address the future of a fire-damaged structure located at 1616 West Crawford Street, following a resolution to set a public hearing date for July 15, 2024. The resolution initiates the first step in the process to decide whether the building should be condemned and either repaired or demolished.

The decision stems from an evaluation conducted by the Building Official and inspectors. The property has been identified as meeting the criteria for classification as a dangerous structure.

"The dangerous structure process is critical for ensuring public safety and property maintenance," remarked Sean Furbeck, Dangerous Structures Specialist. "This resolution sets the stage for a public hearing where all relevant parties can present their perspectives before the City Commission."

The upcoming public hearing will provide an opportunity for the property owner, owner's agent, lienholders, and occupants to contest the determination or propose remediation plans. The City Commission will consider all evidence presented before making a final decision.

The fiscal impact of this resolution is contingent upon the outcome of the public hearing. If deemed necessary, remediation or demolition costs could be billed to the property owner, potentially resulting in property tax assessments for non-compliance.

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