Salina Man Arrested for Domestic Battery and Threats

Salina Man Arrested for Domestic Battery and Threats
Jarred Keehner, Saline County Booking

An incident involving a domestic battery and criminal threat occurred between 3:45 pm and 4:20 pm on May 20th on the 1300 block of Arapaho and later that evening at Salina Regional Health Center (SRHC).

The suspect, Jarred Keehner, allegedly slapped his 69-year-old mother on the arm in front of witnesses, and then threatened to kill the witnesses and burn down the house.

When police arrived, they found Keehner appearing to be highly intoxicated and took him to SRHC for medical clearance, where he also threatened a security guard. Keehner faces multiple counts of criminal threat and one count of domestic battery.

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