Salina City Commission Passes Tax Rebate for Pioneer President's Place Redevelopment

Salina City Commission Passes Tax Rebate for Pioneer President's Place Redevelopment

In a move aimed at revitalizing Salina's historic downtown area, the Salina City Commission unanimously approved the designation of the proposed redevelopment project at Pioneer President's Place as a Project of Exceptional Community Significance. The decision, passed in a 5-0 vote, renders the project eligible for an enhanced 95% property tax rebate over 15 years, subject to a minimum $10 million post-designation investment.

The Pioneer President's Place, comprising the historic Roosevelt-Lincoln Junior High School property, holds a cherished place in Salina's architectural heritage. The unanimous decision reflects the commission's recognition of the project's potential to rejuvenate this landmark site, preserving its historic significance while addressing current challenges.

Flint Hills Holdings Group, the property owner, welcomed the commission's decision, expressing gratitude for the support. Their proposed renovation plans, including new roofs, mechanical systems, and interior refurbishments, are now poised to move forward with the backing of the city.

Moreover, the commission's approval paves the way for the submission of Resolution No. 24-8203, supporting Flint Hills Holding Group's application for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) with the State of Kansas Housing Resources Corporation. This resolution aligns with the city's commitment to fostering affordable housing initiatives, ensuring the retention of 36 low-income units while introducing 25 market-rate units.

While the financial impact involves tax revenue foregone over 15 years, proponents argue that the long-term benefits of community revitalization far outweigh short-term financial considerations. The commission's unanimous decision emphasizes a collective vision for a vibrant, inclusive, and economically resilient Salina.

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