Burglary Incident at Storage Unit Leads to Arrest

Burglary Incident at Storage Unit Leads to Arrest
Photo - Salina Police Department Website

Officers responded to the 1500 block of West Schilling Road on April 12th just after 11:30 am following a report of suspicious activity at a storage unit. The reporting party, present for work, noticed a male individual on the premises.

Upon returning later, the reporting subject discovered multiple vehicles had been tampered with, and items were missing, including license plates, paperwork, and a key.

The reporting party managed to capture a photo of the suspect, identified as 62-year-old Robert Ford. Officers located and arrested Ford in the area of Foxborough and Royal, recovering some of the stolen items from him. Charges of burglary of vehicles and trespassing are pending against Ford, and fortunately, no damage to the cars was reported.

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