Burglary and Theft Reported at Bills Truck and Auto

Burglary and Theft Reported at Bills Truck and Auto
Photo - Salina Police Department Website

On April 10th, police responded to Bills Truck and Auto located at 615 Bishop for a burglary and theft report. An employee reported leaving the business briefly around 3:30 pm. As he was leaving, he encountered a male subject he was familiar with outside.

Upon returning, the employee noticed a 2012 Toyota Corolla, which was being serviced, missing from the business. After contacting the individual seen outside, who admitted to taking the vehicle without permission, the individual said he saw the vehicle near the area of West Walnut. Police located the car in the 900 block of West Walnut, but were unable to locate the suspect. Charges for burglary and theft of the business are pending against the subject.

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