Salina Company Faces Theft After Vehicle Break-In

Salina Company Faces Theft After Vehicle Break-In
Photo - Salina Police Department Website

A vehicle belonging to Salina-based Superior Contracting and Manufacturing Services was broken into sometime between 4:00 pm on April 8 and 7:00 am on April 9 in the 2700 block of Tim Rogers Lane. The targeted van, a Chevy 2500, suffered $1000 in damages, while the thieves made off with approximately $2900 worth of Milwaukee-brand tools.

The stolen items included batteries, hand staplers, a Milwaukee knock-out set, and a Hole Hawg with a battery. The employee had parked the van at a job site and returned to find it broken into, with five van windows shattered. Authorities are currently investigating and seeking surveillance footage in the area.

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