County Commission Approves Audio/Visual System Installation in Courtroom

County Commission Approves Audio/Visual System Installation in Courtroom

During the County Commission meeting on April 9, 2024, a request for action regarding the installation of a new Audio/Visual system in an existing courtroom was presented by Todd Heitschmidt from the District Court.

The District Court has been implementing a plan to update courtroom technology annually, aiming to ensure up-to-date Audio/Visual and Hearing-Impaired systems. Various vendors were evaluated, including McClelland Inc, Wilson Security, CTi, Hopp’s Sound, and ECC. Hopp’s Sound was selected based on the quality of their equipment and service, as well as a warranty offer.

The proposal from Hopp’s Sound, totaling $47,373.80, includes a three-year warranty for parts and labor, with an additional two-year warranty on labor after the parts warranty expires.

The budget impact of $47,373.80 will initially be covered by the Equipment Improvement Plan (EIP) budget.

Following deliberation, the County Commission unanimously passed the motion in a 5-0 vote, approving the installation of the Audio/Visual system by Hopp’s Sound in the existing courtroom. This decision reflects the County's commitment to providing modern and efficient technology to support courtroom operations.

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