County Commission Awards Bid for 2024 Bituminous Chip Sealing

County Commission Awards Bid for 2024 Bituminous Chip Sealing

At the April 9, 2024 County Commission meeting, the Saline County Road and Bridge Department's request to award the bid for Bituminous Chip Sealing was discussed and action was taken. Sealed bids were opened on March 26, 2024, with five bids received. Circle C Paving emerged as the lowest bidder for all projects, covering 40 miles, totaling $1,069,685.00 for Alternate #1 cover material.

Due to uncertainties in cover material availability, two alternate chip sizes were bid, with the preferred size being Alternate #1, using 1⁄4” chip material similar to that used last season. Chip seal work is scheduled to commence no earlier than August 5, 2024, and must be completed by November 1, 2024, with a restriction on work during wheat harvest activities.

Funding for this project, along with other contractual work such as HMA overlay and crack seal, will be drawn from the Contractual Asphalt Work account, which currently holds a balance of $2,700,000.

In a unanimous vote, the County Commission passed the recommendation to accept the bid from Circle C Paving.

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