City Commission Votes to Replace Timber Railroad Crossing with Concrete

City Commission Votes to Replace Timber Railroad Crossing with Concrete

The City Commission has voted to authorize the City Manager to execute an agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad Company (UPRR) to replace 520 feet of timber railroad crossing in the middle of Fourth Street north of Walnut Street with concrete. The total cost of the project is $784,892.00, with the city's share amounting to $510,180.00.

The decision comes after discussions between city engineering staff and UPRR consultants regarding the deteriorating condition of the existing wood railroad ties and the increased vehicle and foot traffic in the area, particularly due to public/private investment in The Garage.

While federal law typically exempts railroad companies from contributing to grade crossing improvements, UPRR has tentatively agreed to a 65%-35% cost share for this project, following precedent set by previous agreements in Salina.

The replacement of the timber crossing with concrete is expected to enhance safety and durability, with concrete being the preferred material due to its longevity and low maintenance requirements. The project is part of ongoing efforts to maintain and upgrade railroad crossings across the city, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for residents and businesses.

If approved, the agreement between the City of Salina and UPRR will pave the way for the project to commence, with construction scheduled for the 2025 season. The city will reimburse UPRR for actual expenses incurred during construction, utilizing federal funds allocated for road maintenance.

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