Domestic Dispute Leads to Arrest After Salina Roadway Inn Incident

Domestic Dispute Leads to Arrest After Salina Roadway Inn Incident
Jay Weigel, Saline County Booking

On March 27th at 6:30 pm, law enforcement responded to a domestic disturbance at the Roadway Inn on 429 West Diamond Drive. The incident involved a 42-year-old female victim from Winfield and her former boyfriend, Jay Weigel, 48, from Hays.

The female victim traveled to Salina and was followed by Weigel. He found the victim in the parking lot of Roadway Inn. He allegedly confronted the victim, demanding she exit her vehicle, and proceeded to break her car window with a hammer.

The victim eventually exited from the vehicle and ran away yelling for help. After the victim fled, Weigel punctured her tire and stole her cell phone and wallet. He fled the scene before officers arrived.

In an unrelated incident, officers received a call the following morning at approximately 1:15 am from an Uber driver. The driver was reportedly being followed by a vehicle. Officers located the vehicle at College Avenue and Elm Street. The driver was identified as Weigel, the same suspect as determined in the domestic disturbance.

Weigel was taken into custody without incident. He faces requested charges of aggravated assault, criminal threat, vehicle burglary, criminal damage to property, and theft.

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