Road Closure for Vigil Clarified by Saline County Sheriff's Office

Road Closure for Vigil Clarified by Saline County Sheriff's Office
Photo by Tim Umphreys / Unsplash

In preparation for a vigil happening on March 28th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm honoring two teens tragically lost in a car crash, Saline County Sheriff's Office Operations Captain, Jim Hughes, addressed several community concerns regarding the road closure planned for the event. The closure is slated to span from Fairchilds Road to Burma Road along Crawford Street.

In response to inquiries about traffic re-routing, Captain Hughes assured citizens that while there won't be signs, deputies stationed at blocked intersections will provide directions and assistance.

Explaining the choice of location, Captain Hughes stated, "There have been several vigils that have occurred at this location with no planning or correspondence with law enforcement or emergency services causing safety issues for motorists.  This location and time is a compromise with family and friends to have a one-time event that can be managed and safer for all."

Regarding emergency situations, arrangements will be made to leave a lane open for eastbound traffic on Crawford Street, with law enforcement managing access through the closure barricades. Emergency vehicles will have priority access.

Citizens seeking to file complaints about the road closure are advised to contact Captain Hughes directly at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office. However, Captain Hughes emphasized that complaints would not alter the planned closure for this specific event. Instead, he welcomed constructive dialogue to establish a more systematic approach for future road closure requests.

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